PDC Exclusive: Pro Dance Team Bootcamp with Sharif Abboud VIDEO

By PDC Staff,

Sharif Abboud hosts the Pro Dance Team Boot Camp on Saturdays at 12 p.m. at Trophy Fitness in downtown Dallas.

The class is specific to the group he is working with, in this case, ladies who are auditioning for the professional sports dance teams in the DFW area.

The style of the boot camp is drawn up to be specific to the sport. For example, exposed areas for pro sports dancers and cheerleaders include the shoulder and stomach areas, so there is emphasis put there.

“We don’t spot train the girls,” Abboud said. “We do total body workouts with emphasis on the exposed areas.”

In addition to the Saturday boot camp, Abboud also offers private lessons that are drawn up specific to the dancer’s weaknesses.

“We go for their weaknesses from head to toe until there are none,” he continued. “Then they are ready to join the team. What I tell the girls is they can either suffer here with me or suffer in front of 500 other girls at auditions.”

For further information on Sharif Abboud’s Saturday Boot Camp and private lessons, call 214-855-3706 or visit trophyfitnessclub.com



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