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Photos by Dustin Schneider

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Monster Energy has a two-year sponsorship deal with a two-year option worth a reported $20 million annually to have its brand atop NASCAR’s premier circuit as only the third entitlement sponsor in history.

“Monster Energy is a brand built on excitement and enthusiasm, qualities that align with NASCAR,” said Brian France, NASCAR Chairman and CEO. “This sponsorship position is the most unique in all of sports and entertainment, and we are thrilled to have a partner that will help us further elevate the series.

A huge aspect to this partnership revolves around the energy drink giant helping to make NASCAR cool to the younger demographic that Monster essentially owns and that NASCAR could certainly use.

“Monster has built its brand on racing and motorsports, and NASCAR is the pinnacle of motorsports in America,” said Mitch Covington, vice president of sports marketing at Monster Beverage Company. “It’s American racing; we’re an American brand that’s a global company, and NASCAR is, too.”

Case in point is the tradition of auto racing and pretty girls going hand-in-hand and that is where the extremely attractive Monster Energy Girls come in to the picture.

Just who are the Monster Energy Girls?

Easy answer is that they are some of the most beautiful women in the world, but upon further review, they are an instrumental part of the race-day experience and a huge hit with the fans at the track.

If Sunday’s O’Reilly Auto Parts 500 at Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth is any indication, the Monster Energy Girls are just what the doctor ordered to help bring attention to NASCAR while taking the sport by storm.

There were nine Monster Energy Girls in Fort Worth for the weekend: Jaycee, Mariel, Amanda, Peri, Karlie, Eischen, Allison, Rae and Haley.

While the Monster Energy Girls introduction to NASCAR fans at this year’s Daytona 500 may have caused a stir as opinions varied on their outfits, our experience with the ladies proved the exact opposite as fans of all ages clamored to have their photos taken with these beautiful — and very accommodating — women.

Monster Energy Girls have long been staples at big sporting events such as Supercross and Professional Bull Riding, but the the foray into NASCAR is not new for Monster Energy Girl Amanda.

“I have been a Monster Energy Girl for a year and a half,” Amanda said. “I used to work in NASCAR, there was a program called Miss Coors Light, so I was a brand ambassador for them. That program ended and ironically, I was already working for Monster for Supercross and they became the new title sponsor for NASCAR and asked me to be a part of it and I happily accepted.

“Monster Energy and NASCAR together couldn’t make for a more perfect job for me,” Amanda continued. “Monster Energy has given me the opportunity to travel the world. I’m excited and bless to be a part of this company because it is going to take NASCAR to the next level.”

Monster Energy Girls raceday in Fort Worth

The ladies had a full race day in Fort Worth that got underway around 9 a.m. with the opening of the Monster Fan Zone that is home to the infamous ‘Ball of Steel.’ At 9:30 a.m., half of the girls split off to attend the driver’s meeting and welcome the drivers and VIPs onto the green carpet. The girls took advantage of the time to pass out a plethora of Monster hats and pose for pics with fans on either side of the barricades.

The ladies then made their way out to the front stretch and pit row for the driver’s introductions and we watched as many fans walked past the drivers to get their pictures taken with the girls.

“I can’t wait to send this to my wife,” said 48 year-old NASCAR Ronnie from Arlington, while looking at the photo his friend took of him with Monster Energy Girl Eischen. “She’ll get a kick out of this for sure.”

After the green flag was dropped, the Monster Energy Girls were again split up as some of them went to the Monster Pit Box on pit row and the other went to the Monster Energy hospitality area on the infield near turn 4.

Jamie Lynn Spears is working with Monster on a series of NASCAR videos (see the Monster Energy Girls video here) and she was on hand for the race in Fort Worth and in the hospitality area when we arrived.

When Jimmie Johnson crossed the finish line to win his seventh Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series win, the Monster Energy Girls were waiting in Victory Lane and were a part of the trophy presentation.

Monster Energy Girl Haley comes home for O’Reilly Auto Parts 500

The Monster Energy girls are not promo girls that are picked up for a few days in local markets, but rather professional models hired from an agency and based all across the country. There is no a traditional job interview or audition process like with a cheer or dance team, but rather the girls are selected from the agency or in some instances, Monster may post about an opening on their social media outlets.

Monster Girl Haley is originally from the DFW area, growing up in Dallas suburb Heath and currently lives in southern California.

“My favorite part about being a Monster Energy Girl is being able to experience the world,” Haley said. “I’ve been to China for the Monster Energy launch and all across America and it’s not about just experiencing these events, but meeting people and experiencing their cultures.”

Among the places she has traveled with Monster is Fort Worth for the NASCAR race, which allowed her a homecoming of sorts.

“The best part about coming here for the race was getting to see my family and friends and the southern hospitality, man do I miss that,” Haley said. “It’s my favorite part about Dallas, no matter where you go, you get big smiles and a warm welcome. Every time they send me to Dallas, it’s just the best ever”

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