Dallas Cowboys Rhythm and Blue 2016 Photoshoot

2016 Dallas Cowboys Rhythm and Blue Photoshoot- Behind the Scenes

2016 Dallas Cowboys Rhythm and Blue Photoshoot- Behind the Scenes
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By: Callie Hickman

Imagine timing a picture of a back flip just right…all while SMILING like it’s no big deal? (I’ll wait for the awesomeness of that thought to sink in for a moment). While whipping out a back flip may seem next-to-impossible to many, to the Dallas Cowboys Rhythm and Blue, this is the norm…and is also the bar they are setting for this season’s fan expectations.

The NFL’s first and only co-ed hip-hop team recently finished its annual pre-season photoshoot  in Deep Ellum, and the scene I just described above is what I was greeted with when I walked in door. Rhythm and Blue Director, Jenny Durbin Smith, knows how to keep things interesting as her team not only takes individual cameo and squad photographs, but also incorporates action shots comprised of many different tricks and jumps. She has a knack for giving her dancers the freedom to showcase their individual and unique skills coupled with dynamic personalities, resulting in a contagious and positive energy that radiates from every single member of the team.

“Last season, we started incorporating the more sporty action shots into our photoshoots; and the fans loved the final pictures just as much as we did,” said four-year veteran and captain, Sammi. “Jenny inspires us to be stronger every season, and these pictures will really capture and portray the caliber of talent we have on this team.”

The team has also thrown in some other surprise photos that are sure to delight Cowboys fans throughout the season. I’ll wait for them to unveil those, so you’ll have to stay tuned for more! 

As for what to expect from Rhythm and Blue this season, Jenny says, “Rhythm and Blue doesn’t fit into a specific niche, and we like it that way because our fans have come to expect diversity and surprise. Our goal is to always raise the bar by bringing a new level of quality and showmanship to the stage with the most talented group of professionals performing cutting-edge, limits-pushing routines.”

Check out some of the behind-the-scenes pictures above, and be on the lookout for additional coverage of the 2016 Dallas Cowboys Rhythm and Blue.


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