Revolutionary New Book Shows How to Lose Weight by Eating Out at Restaurants and Drinking Wine

PALM BEACH, Fla. — Fred Bollaci, a trusts and estates attorney, was morbidly obese and told by his doctor that his life could be cut short if he didn’t turn things around. He lost 150 pounds over one year and has kept it all off for seven years using his proven four-phase plan that he describes in his highly-anticipated forthcoming book, The Restaurant Diet: How to Eat Out Every Night and Still Lose Weight (January 15, 2018; Mango Publishing Group). Recently, Reader’s Digest called Bollaci’s story one of “The Most Inspirational Weight-Loss Transformations.”

Bollaci, with several hundred thousand dedicated fans on social media and on his blog, shares his experience eating healthy gourmet cuisine and fine wines while shedding unwanted pounds. Bollaci, a sommelier, constructed a diet that values quality, not quantity, in all aspects of life.

Gabriel Kreuther, Michelin Star Chef and Restauranteur, calls this book “game-changing.”

Bollaci Reveals:

  • Dozens of strategies for working with chefs, restaurateurs, and wait staff to ensure
    a healthy and fulfilling dining experience.
  • How to eat without veering from your diet when at a business lunch, traveling, or living
    a busy lifestyle.
  • How to avoid common dieting mistakes and become empowered by a non-restrictive diet.
  • As a foodie, how you can tackle the emotional issues and setbacks linked to overeating.
  • 125 recipes from 100 acclaimed restaurants nationwide, plus 25 from Fred’s own kitchen.

His company, Fred Bollaci Enterprises, promotes an international healthy lifestyle by working with chefs, restaurateurs and hoteliers. He has developed the Golden PalateĀ® Partner Certificate of Excellence and the Platinum PalateĀ® Partner Certificate of Excellence, two prestigious honors of the very best in dining and hospitality. He has awarded over 1,000 establishments worldwide the designation of excellence.              

His secret? “It’s not about preparing clean food at home, or going whole and excluding wheat, sugar, and dairy; nor is it about counting calories or grams: it’s about understanding why one overeats in the first place,” says Bollaci. 

With the help of his doctor, a nutritionist, a trainer, and a psychologist, he developed a user-friendly diet and exercise plan that works. Bollaci has even completed four marathons since dropping the weight. 

“I’m living proof that anyone can take control of his or her health,” says Bollaci, “and even lose weight while dining out!”

SOURCE Fred Bollaci Enterprises

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