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It's Getting Hot In Here

It's Getting Hot In Here
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By Sydney Durso

Summer is right around the corner, and let’s just say…I can feel it! Move over skinny jeans and suede booties. There is nothing I love more than a relaxed pair of shorts, a lightweight top, a pair of fun heels and a killer lip. My go-to color right now, bright red-orange. Whenever I wear red, orange or a blend of the two colors, I instantly feel energetic, happy, and enthusiastic about everything! 

For my hair and makeup, I like to keep it pretty simple. When I was on Instagram the other day, I came across a short hair tutorial from one of my favorite supermodels, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Her hair stylist, George Northwood, did a step by step video on how to create the perfect messy half bun. I fell in love with the easy process, and now my favorite “do” is pulling the front half of my hair up and securing it with a few blonde bobby pins (no brush needed).

Growing up, I was in pageants. I was Miss Rio Grande Valley Teen USA 2007, and I placed 2nd runner-up and won “Best Swimsuit Figure” at Miss Texas Teen USA 2008. From there I went straight to the sidelines, cheering for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders 7 seasons and then hit the court with the Dallas Mavericks Dancers this past year. You can probably guess, with all of the photo shoots and game day events, my hair has never been able to catch a break. This past Christmas, I decided to refresh my routine and get on the path to healthy hair. I started with Sports Research biotin and coconut oil. Consult with your doctor before trying anything new, but the combination of these two vitamins has been a hair-saver for me. I also switched up my shampoo and conditioner regimen. Once a week I use a combination of Moroccanoil® Restorative Hair Mask with 1 teaspoon of Moroccanoil® Treatment. It is for damaged hair in need of instant repair, and trust me…it’s revitalizing! After that, I use Moroccanoil® Moisture Repair Shampoo and Conditioner.

In the photos below, I styled my hair using a blow dryer and my favorite Cricket Technique #450 Thermal Round Brush. My friends always laugh when I bring my round brush around because it is huge, but it is seriously the best! I also used a 1 1/4″ Hot Tools curling iron. Last but not least, I spritz on shine spray (a little goes a long way) and Moroccanoil® Luminous Hair Spray. That is how I got the look below. If you have any questions about it, feel free to ask below. I would be happy to answer them!

While I wanted to go into my makeup look and products I use, this post is getting pretty long, so I’ll have to do that next time!

Photos above are by Fitz Crittle.

Love y’all!

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