PDC Series: Where Are They Now – Stephanie DiBiase Wheat

By Jacie Scott

Before making our booties bounce and our makeup sweat off in her Monday Night Pro League Prep classes at Power House of Dance in Dallas, Stephanie DiBiase Wheat dazzled as a Dallas Mavericks Dancer and AFL Dallas Desperados Dancer!

If you follow Wheat, you know that she’s since soared to incredible heights! From directing the Allen American Ice Angels to being a featured choreographer on CMT’s Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team series.

I had the opportunity to chat with the always energetic and crazy-talented choreographer about her journey with professional dance/cheer, her current gigs, future goals, and advice for young women pursing a spot on a professional team. You’re sure to be inspired. Check it out:

Jacie Scott: When did you retire from your last pro team? What led to that decision?

Stephanie DiBiase Wheat: 2002! It was time for me to pursue other outlets in theperformance industry.

JS: So, talk me through where life has taken you since!

SW: I’ve had the opportunity to travel all over the country performing and choreographing. I’ve been amaster hip-hop instructor for American Dance/Drill Team, MA Dance, and HTE – Half-Time Entertainment. I’ve been a master choreographer for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders for the last 15 years and was featured as the guest choreographer on Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: “Making the Team” season 9 and 10. And I was featured as The Top 10 Influential Women of Dallas 2016.

JS: Geez, woman! You don’t stop! Talk a little about your Monday night classes at PowerHouse. When did they start and how has it grown over the years? I love seeing your vids on Instagram.

SD: I started my pro-league class at Dallas Powerhouse of Dance four years ago! It’s a hip-hop class that is open to anyone and everyone. It’s a popular class that girls who plan on trying out for professional sports teams come to! I give lots of audition tips, along with confidence boosters for becoming better versions of themselves. I’m also known in the Dallas Pro Dance World for having the most intense cardio burn in one hour! You will leave drenched… literally!

JS: Yes… I’m aware! Ha! What is the most important thing you want dancers to learn from you in these classes?

SD: I want people to leave my class feeling differently than they did before they walked in the door! It’s a huge reward for me when people come to my classes regularly and tell me how much more confident and comfortable they feel in their own skin. [When I hear] the words, “thank you for such a motivating class”– then I know my job is done. Dance is not just about the passion I have for it, but more so the effect that my passion has on others! Very rewarding!

JS: You always have awesome motivational nuggets. So tell me. What’s your best advice for any young woman in your industry, young entrepreneurs or just women with big goals and dreams?

SD: VALUE YOUR WORTH! This industry can be very brutal at times and incredibly amazing! Be prepared. Be yourself. Be confident in your own skin. Do your research, and train in your craft! Carry yourself with elegance and grace. It’s now always the best dancers/entrepreneurs that get the job. A HUGE part of it is your confidence within yourself and how you treat and speak to others. Get this simple formula down, and the rest will follow!

JS: PREACH! Ok, what’s next for you?

SD: Along with teaching at Dallas Powerhouse, I’ve recently started teaching dance at Studio 7 Performance. It’s an acting, vocal, modeling and dance studio! To be working with children pursuing their dreams in the entertainment industry and being able to be part of their growth in reaching their goals is a beautiful thing!

JS: There you have it, ladies and gents! Catch Stephanie in action Monday nights at Dallas Powerhouse of Dance for her pro-league class at 8:30. You can also catch her team perform at the Allen Americans’ home opener October 21st at the Allen Events Center!

If you’d like to be highlighted in our “Where Are They Now?” series, email jaciescott@prodancecheer.com!



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