PDC Series: Where Are They Now – Nicole Bulcher

Former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Nicole Bulcher

Nicole Bulcher cheered five season in the NFL before starting her own business. Credit: Oakwoods Photography
For this series, we’ve sat down with former dancers and cheerleaders from professional sports teams to discuss their latest ventures. Catch up with some of your favorites right here, each month!
I was always captivated by Nicole Bulcher’s signature curly hair, gorgeous smile and sweet spirit during her time as an NFL Cheerleader. Well guys, it’s very refreshing to say that none of that has changed since her retirement two years ago. (Except for the rare occasions she rocks the straight do.)
I recently chatted with Nicole about her cool adventures post-retirement and her booming new business. Get into it below:
Jacie Scott: Ok, so what led you to make the decision to retire?
Nicole Bulcher: I retired in 2015 after 5 wonderful years because I knew it couldn’t get any better than what I had already experienced. During my 5 years I traveled to London with the team for the International Series when the Cowboys played the Bengals. I shot 4 beautiful swimsuit calendars in stunning locations all over Mexico, performed at the Big D New Years Eve countdown, at baseball games, concerts, conventions, and too many other performances to honestly recount. 
After being voted by my team to attend the Pro Bowl, I knew for sure that was the best note to end on. During the end-of-year banquet, I was also given the personalized football announcing me as Veteran of the Year (another team-voted recognition), and I knew there was no better way to leave the organization than on that honor. I exited my active years of cheerleading for the Cowboys with only the best memories and feelings. I’m forever thankful for my awesome “run” with the best cheerleading team in the NFL. 
JS: Did you have any specific goals post-retirement?
NB: Yes, I wanted to continue to grow my career with The Bar Method in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. I poured all of my spare time into learning more about the business I had been managing and teaching at for the last 6 years.  
Erin and Nicole opened The Bar Method Southlake just seven months ago.
I spent the first 6 months of ‘retirement’  traveling the world and then got focused on opening my business. My sister and I bought the franchise rights to The Bar Method Southlake in February 2016 and by January 2017 we had opened the doors to our very own studio. From financing, to the build-out of our 3,000 sq foot space, to training our first teachers…it has been a blast! My sister is the best business partner I could’ve asked for. We are official co-owners of The Bar Method Southlake,and we are enjoying every minute of it!
JS: Why take the plunge of opening a Bar Method studio and why did you zone in on Southlake? 
NB: Most of my success with cheering for the Cowboys was because I had a flexible, but still full-time job at The Bar Method Dallas. I was never fearful of losing my job because of Cowboys commitments and that made it possible for me to cheer all five years. I was given the freedom to write my schedule around cheerleading commitments, learn the business side of the studio, and manage many people over the years in that role. The knowledge and confidence I gained in that role at the Dallas studio equipped me to open my own with my sister in Southlake. After much market research, we knew Southlake was the best option for a boutique fitness concept, and I’ve personally always loved Southlake.
JS: Did any of the skills you’ve learned as a dancer help you in this new business journey?
NB: I learned a lot while dancing in college as far as work ethic, being reliable, and organized. Once I made the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and still had my 40+ hour work week, out of necessity I learned how to better manage my time. The DCC taught me how to conduct myself under pressure, how to maintain composure even when I lacked sleep, and definitely reminded me how to treat others because it goes well beyond the person you may be speaking to. Taking those skills into my business is a daily task. I’m confident in my business decisions. I know how to manage my time andsleep when I can (a workout studio has many early mornings!) and I still get to connect with all types of people, whether they are students in class or employees. I want every person who walks through our front door to feels special and noticed. 
JS: Speaking from experience, I know they do! So, what’s next? Any other goals/dreams?
NB: I just achieved another goal: to work for The Bar Method Headquarters (in some capacity) by being invited into the Franchise Advisory Board. The board consists of 5 studio owners and we act as a liaison between the other 100+ Owners and corporate, test new product, give feedback and help create new initiatives for the brand. My other goal would be to open 2-3 more Bar Method studios in the next 5 years and continue to travel the world, which is my passion.
JS: What’s your best advice for any young woman in your industry, other young entrepreneurs or just women with big goals and dreams?
NB: My best advice is to surround yourself with friends who push you to be better and to achieve your goals. Most of my close friends came from my 5 years on the DCC, and that team attracts a certain type of go-getter. I would not have stuck with this career path had I not been encouraged and pushed. It’s easy to give up or get distracted, but it’s more fulfilling to see things through that you never thought were possible. 
The Bar Method Southlake continues to employ current and former DCCs…over the years in Dallas I employed 9 cheerleaders because I understand their demanding schedules and know their work ethic is phenomenal. Since opening the Southlake location, 3 of our 7 teachers have worn the white boots and even the Frisco and Dallas studios continue to employ DCC alumni. The team brought us all together at some point and I’m so thankful to continue these connections into my career post-cheering. Working with your friends is the most fun!
JS: Perfectly said! Any events or specials coming up at The Bar Method? 
NB: Look at southlake.barmethod.com for more information & enter “CASHBAR” at checkout to receive $20 off your first purchase! 
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