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By Kathryn Dunn

“A bikini can’t solve everything, but it’s a good start”

Sometimes when I can’t think of a good caption, I go to Pinterest and search for subject of what I’m searching for + quote to see if they can give me anything clever or instagrammable. So I had to laugh a little when I searched for swimsuit quote and they gave me the above. “A good start.”

It actually is a great start. You see, when I finally bit the bullet and decided to start blogging, I researched on Instagram to find some of the top swimsuit brands and unique styles. I had the ProDanceCheer Summer Edition photo shoot coming up, we’re right in the middle of summer, and I’ve always been a huge advocate for body positivity, so the idea of collaborating with swimsuit designers just made sense. Oh, and the fact that Kate Upton has always been my spirit animal. *channels inner sports illustrated cover-model*

After getting the swimsuit collaborations locked in place, I knew I needed to lock down a beautiful location to show off these gorgeous suits. As an up-and-coming blogger, I don’t exactly have access to the sandy beaches of Bora Bora just yet. As a constant traveler from Dallas to Denver, I searched in my own backyard(s) to find the perfect location. And I found just that.

The Four Seasons Dallas looks like it was plucked out of Cancun and placed in Dallas, Texas. The landscaping and greenery by the pool is like nothing you are used to seeing in Texas. It’s lush and tropical, and the cabanas make you feel like you are beachside in Bora Bora! But beautiful location aside, the staff is incredibly gracious and helpful. I highly recommend visiting the Four Seasons Dallas and enjoying yourself to a poolside stay/vay-cation!

So let’s talk about this GORGEOUS swimsuit from Wave Babe. Wave Babe offers feminine silhouettes and timeless designs with a modern edge. If you aren’t following them on Instagram yet, their feed is  total #goals.

I chose the Monoco Top and Monoco Bottoms in Shell, primarily because the high-waist silhouette is so in right now. A lot of people ask me, “how can I rock a high-waisted swimsuit and NOT look like I’m trying to hide something?” The answer is easy- opt for a cheeky bottom! These Monoco bottoms give the most flattering cheeky cut while keeping your tummy in tight. Don’t be afraid to rock a little cheek! I’ve actually found that cheeky bottoms are more flattering than full-coverage bottoms. Plus, when you are wearing a more conservative high-waist cut, you can afford to show a little extra skin in other places. This suit is classy with a touch of sexy, which is exactly the vibe I like to achieve in my day-to-day style.

One of my favorite things about Wave Babe is that you can mix and match tops and bottoms! I chose the Monoco Top because a) the style name matched the bottom, b) it’s the perfect minimalist style to balance out the high waist bottom, and c) I swear I’ve seen Kylie Jenner wear a similar style top.

See? I’m basically the blonde version of Kylie.

Keep in mind that the top runs slightly small, so refer to sizing. I wear a size 4/6 and the medium fit me perfect.

“But the swimsuit is white. Won’t it be see-through when it gets wet?” No, not at all! The fabric is super-soft, heavy-weight, and double lined so not only does it “hold you in”, but you don’t have to worry about putting it all on display after you jump in the water. Trust me when I say this, the fabric is of the HIGHEST quality. Once you receive your Wave Babe swimmy, the first thing you will notice is the durable, high-quality fabric.

​Wave Babe states their mission as “making summer babes feel confident since 2017”, and I must say they completed their mission! From now until August 1st, use promo code Golden30 to get 30% off your swimmy!

Thank you to Wave Babe and Four Seasons Dallas for making me feel and look beautiful. Follow them on Instagram at @swimwavebabe and @fsdallas, and tell them @katdunn sent you!

-It’s Kathryn Dunn

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