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Dallas Stars Ice Girls Director Christina Swanson with the all the inside information on the Stars Ice Girls Auditions:

1 – Do you have to know how to skate and dance to audition? 

No you don’t.  You can audition as just a skater or just a dancer but if you want to, you can audition as both.

2- Will it hurt you if you don’t audition as both? 

No, you are only judged on the talent you perform and you are not penalized for the talent you don’t perform.

3- What type of skates do the skaters wear? 

We wear hockey skates since we are a part of the NHL

4- What information do you need to know for the test in training camp?

I would recommend reviewing our Ice Girls history, the team’s history, the rules of hockey, referee signals, our conference and division within the NHL, along with important Stars personnel.  You will see questions regarding these subjects and more but all of the questions are Stars and hockey related. 

5- Are there any tips you have for girls who are auditioning? 

It’s a long day be sure to bring snacks.  Dancers should bring warm up pants and a jacket to watch the skaters audition.  Last, don’t compare yourself to the girl next to you and have fun!  If you are having fun then the judges are having fun watching you.

For further information on the Dallas Stars Ice Girls Auditions, visit HERE.

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