Houston Texas Cheerleaders 2017 Tryouts: Q&A with Kelly

HTC Kelly

HTC Kelly
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Houston Texans Cheerleaders veteran Kelly at the 2017 HTC Tryouts (Photo: Dustin Schneider)

The Houston Texans Cheerleaders held their 2017 tryouts that is billed as “The Biggest Party of the Year” and it did not disappoint!

Over 600 hopefuls registered for the opportunity to chase their dream of becoming a member of the Houston Texans Cheerleaders.

We caught up with returning veteran HTC Kelly to chat about this year’s auditions:

PDC: What’s your favorite part about being a Houston Texans Cheerleader?

KELLY: Performing. I just love getting out there and dancing and performing and getting to do what I love to do.

PDC: Being your third year, how did you prepare for the tryouts?

KELLY: Being my third year, I wanted to come back stronger, so I tried to outdo my costume from last year. Last year, I did a jasmine-type thing and this year I was inspired by Victoria’s Secret and I did the feathers. I also worked out really hard. I’m really excited for the chance to come back for my third year with my sisters.

PDC: Knowing what tryouts day has been like in the past, do you still get nervous?

KELLY: My second year I was really nervous because I knew what I could lose, but I feel as my third year, I feel different. Because I have been on the team for two years, there’s an expectation that now I am a leader and a role model to all these girls and it’s very exciting.

PDC: Take us through the HTC tryouts process now that you have made it through the first round.

KELLY: Next up, we learn a dance and perform for the judges. Then there is another cut and that will be who goes on to finals. Tomorrow, we will have interviews with the coaches. Then there is training camp, which is about a week and a half long. Next is the swimsuit round and then they announce the team live on HoustonTexans.com.

PDC: Houston recently hosted Super Bowl LI at NRG Stadium. What was it like for you as a Houston Texans Cheerleader that week and what are some of your favorite memories?

KELLY: Super Bowl week was amazing! It was crazy, we had to wake up at like 3:00 in the morning because we had so many appearances and I’d have to say that the best moment was that day at the Super Bowl when we got to perform, it was so awesome! It was an incredible moment.

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