Callie’s Corner: #WorkoutWednesday with Former NBA Dancer Camille Thompson

Camille Thompson

Camille Thompson
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It’s #WorkoutWednesday! This week, we are featuring a guest article from former Dallas Mavericks Dancer, Camille Thompson, about her fitness journey as a dance instructor and mommy:

Being a mommy is the most rewarding job anyone could ever have. However, it comes with a hefty share of tribulations that can halt dreams, distort reality, and downright DESTROY self esteem and confidence. As a an industry choreographer/performer and former NBA dancer, going through these changes not only slowed me down, but actually stopped me for a brief period of time. I was unable to see myself as the once confident, glamorous Camille that I had known for so many years. During my pregnancy, I gained 80 pounds. My hips and feet spread, my face was unrecognizable, and I got stretchmarks on my once FLAWLESS flat tummy.

Regardless of my setbacks, I was determined to get back to my normal self. I breastfed my daughter, Cooper (who is now 4), for 6 months before deciding to get very serious about my weight loss. At that point in time, I began meal planning and a very strict workout regimen. I did cardio fitness and continued to teach my hip hop classes throughout the week. When Ccooper was 20 months old, I competed in the NPC Phil Health Fitness Competition. During my training for the competition, I went from 175 pounds to about 125 pounds in about 8 months!

The key to healthy living is to never sit still. “Move it or lose it” is what I always say (stole that from my sister and prenatal trainer, Bridgette Louden).

Currently, I teach a TWERKOUT dance fitness class at Dallas Power House of Dance, along with several other adult hip hop based dance classes. On top of all that, I weight train 3-4 times a week with my trainer Luis FLores at Anytime Fitness Dallas and attend yoga 2-3 times a week at SunstoneFIT Yoga. I also direct a dance team of all moms called M.O.M CREW. Our classes are weekly on Fridays also at Dallas Power House of Dance.

With healthy eating habits, water, a great team of supporters and encouragers, and a positive mindset, we can conquer the world. Don’t give up. Set a goal and stick to it! Hop in a dance class and try something new! We burn upwards 1000 calories in TWERKOUT!!! Whatever your vice is, stick to it and move with purpose!!! MOMS RULE!!!

More About Camille: Camille has choreographed and danced for celebrities such as Vivica Fox, Tyrese, and Ethiopian sensation Abby Lakew, as well as a number of up and coming musical artists. For years, Camille has taught adults and children of all ages, giving them the confidence they need to “cut a rug” at any given time.

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