Callie’s Corner: #WorkoutWednesday Tips from Fitness Trainer, Sharif Abboud

Happy #WorkoutWednesday! Audition season is upon us, which means it is time to crank up your prep work in order to either land veteran status on your current team or become a rookie on your dream team. This week’s post shares insights from former Dallas Mavericks Dancers trainer and founder of Evolve, Sharif Abboud, on planning your fitness regimen.

A well-rounded dancer regimen consists of a goal-specific macro-nutrient profile with clean foods, total body strength training, metabolic conditioning, and flexibility training.

The types of exercises a dancer should perform
The types of exercises you perform really depend on what team you want to be on, which means movement-specific workouts that mirror the style of whatever team you are auditioning for are extremely important. If you are auditioning for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders (DCC), for example, your biggest goals are your overall look, as well as flexibility for high kicks and jump splits. Because the DCC style is rhythmic and flowy, barre classes and other flexibility-focused workouts will be your best friend! On the other hand, if you are auditioning for the Dallas Mavericks Dancers, you will want to incorporate quick, fast switch/change of direction movements, as well as speed work. Identify what team(s) you want to audition for, check out their style, and then connect with a trainer who can help you create a program to help you create a game plan.

How often should a dancer be working out?
This really all depends on your intensity level. Ideally, you will be fully exerting yourself in every workout and have a total body weekly program (weights included), which means you should be giving yourself 24-48 consecutive hours per week to recover. Yes, rest is extremely important! The key here is to listen to your body so you don’t overdo it. If after 24 hours you are still feeling stiff and exhausted, give yourself more time to recover. 

Finally, remember that while dance classes are an extremely important aspect of your training, they do not replace your gym workouts! 

Thanks for reading this week’s #WorkoutWednesday! If you live in the D/FW, be sure to check out Sharif’s gym, Evolve, and sign up for classes.


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