PDC Exclusive: Q&A with Jasmine G. from ABC’s “The Bachelor”

(Courtesy of ABC)

By Jacie Scott

Some may know her as Jasmine G., the “pro basketball dancer” from San Francisco, Calif. on the latest season of ABC’s The Bachelor. But at PDC, we know her as the fierce former Jets Flight Crew Cheerleader, former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader and Golden State Warriors Dancer and all around sassafras from New Jersey. (Of course, I may be a little biased.)

Jasmine has had quite the journey over the last few months, to say the least. I was fortunate enough to steal a few minutes of time from her busy schedule to catch up on life and chat about roses and things.

Check out the interview below!

Jacie Scott: Ok. Let’s just dive right into the good stuff! How did all of this even come about?

Jasmine Goode: Well, I had just finished my first year of dancing with the Golden State Warriors, and I was debating re-auditioning again. I wasn’t 100% sure just because, you know, it was a long season last year, and I’d been dancing professionally for the last seven years straight.

I ultimately decided to go through the process again, but before they picked the final team, I chose to take time for myself. I realized I needed to focus on my future and take care of my body. Knowing how long the season is, I didn’t think my body would be able to handle all of that pressure.

JS: Then, The Bachelor calls!

JG: Haha! Yea, It’s funny because then, you know, I got a call from The Bachelor casting asking if I was available to come in for an interview and speak with them. It was really super last minute. I think they were at the last week of casting. They were really interested, because one of my best friends reached out to them and told them about me. So I jumped on a Skype call with them, they loved me and flew me down to LA the next week!

JS: Geez, what a whirlwind! Now fast forward to the present. What is it like seeing yourself on television in this way?

JG: Watching myself back on television is definitely weird and strange. I mean I’ve been on TV before with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, so I knew what to expect, but it’s still never, like, natural watching yourself and hearing yourself on TV. Plus, it happened so long ago! We wrapped up filming in November, so now it’s like you’ve move on with life and now you have to relive it all over again. So it’s kind of like you’ve forgotten what happened or that you this or that. Things are just coming up again that brings a lot of memories. Both exciting and bad ones. Ha!

JS: One thing I’ve definitely noticed in watching you on the show is that your face doesn’t lie, man! I’ve seen so many gifs featuring your expressions. So, basically what I’m asking is… What’s it like being a meme?

JG: I know! I’m finally a meme! I made it in life! Haha! I’m kidding. No, it’s weird watching myself back. I’m an honest person and I never hold back what I’m feeling or what I’m thinking. And my face definitely reads that. My friends know me, they see me on TV and they’re like, ‘wow, hey that’s definitely you!’

I have to learn, I guess, how to control that, but it’s just hard. Especially when something is happening that you don’t agree with or something’s not right. Soo yea…

JS: Never change that quality! We love it. So who do you watch the show with? Do you have watch parties and stuff?

JG: For the premiere I actually watched it with Corinne, another girl on the show. She had a big watch party at her house, and it was really nice that they invited me because I was in Miami at the time. But yea, every Monday there’s always like a watch party going on that my friends are having. So I kind of like to pop up and surprise people. It is kind of fun watching the show with fans of the show because they ask so many questions. Of course, I’m not going to tell them anything. It’s just funny how excited they are to see their friend on TV!

JS: I have to ask. Is Corinne as cray as America thinks she is… or…?

JG: Corinne is awesome! I think people are going to watch and automatically judge because, you know, that’s television. She’s a great girl! I don’t have any bad things to say about her. I think on the show you get thrown into the situation and you don’t know these girls so it’s hard to really get to know somebody in that space. You know, it’s hard! You’re dating the SAME GUY, so of course everyone gets crazy. Not saying everyone is crazy, but there are different types of crazy. Outside of this we’re actually really close friends.

JS: Are there any other girls you had a natural connection with during filming?

JG: Danielle L. That is one of my best friends. We got super close in the house. And Brittany, she was my bunk buddy. We’re super tight. We have a great friendship. I don’t know there are some people you just click with. It’s nice to have people that are genuinely really nice despite it all. So that’s pretty awesome. Oh! And Alexis is freaking hilarious. She really is just naturally funny like that.

JS: Ok. I’m going to take a moment and fan girl. Your makeup has been on point on the show! And your outfits! Does someone do your makeup? What are the secrets?

JG: Oh nooo. We all have to do our own makeup. We don’t have makeup artists. So I’ve been doing my own makeup. My outfits and styling came from friends. A bunch of friends gave me outfits and I have a few friends that own clothing companies so they definitely helped me out getting ready for the show, which was super sweet. Shout out to Elle Lain and Brooke And Arrow online boutiques for helping me out! Super sweet.

(Courtesy of ABC)

JS: Yes! So far I’ve loved your looks. Ok, lets talk Nick. On last week’s episode you were a part of a group date that had the ladies dress up as different brides and bridesmaids. It was pretty funny. Which look did you like the best for Nick?

JG: Hmm. I don’t know! They’re all so funny. Of course I loved seeing Nick in the Adam and Eve bride… just because he was half naked…

JS: (Cuts her off from laughing because I’m immature.)

 JG: I’m just kidding! I’m kidding. It’s always nice to see Nick playful and see his personality. But my favorite was him and Alexis doing the shotgun bride. I wish people could’ve seen the whole thing because it was hilarious. It was really funny seeing his personality come out.

JS: What are some of your favorite qualities about Nick?

JG: He’s very honest and upfront about things. He doesn’t hold back and he speaks his mind. I appreciate those qualities in a man.

JS: Adorbs. What else can we look forward to this season?

JG: I think we all can look forward to an exciting and crazy emotional rollercoaster. Good and bad. You’ll see a bunch of women grow a lot from this experience and it’s just an entertaining season.

JS: In the words of Chris Harrison… “The most dramatic season, yet”? 

JG: The most dramatic season ever! Love him! Ha!

JS: How many roses do you get?

JG: You have to tune in and see!

You heard the girl.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m./7 p.m. Central

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