BRING IT ON: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Halloween 2016


By Jacie Scott 

By this time last week, the above picture had gone viral.

Multiple media outlets reposted the photo (including Essence, The Shaderoom, Total Pro Sports, The YBF, the list goes on), sharing the story of how a few current Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, a former DCC and a friend dressed as the East Compton Clovers cheerleaders from the popular teen comedy, Bring It On.

Gabrielle Union, who played the captain of the Clovers team in the movie, even took to Instagram and Twitter to voice her love for the costumes.

“#theybroughtit,” she said in one of her tweets. Excuse me while I go fangirl.

To think it all began as an idea amongst four current DCC planning their costumes for the annual DCC Halloween party. Current DCC Cersten asked her best friend/former LSU Tiger Girl Keyra Ford to be her date, and five-year veteran Jenna reached out to me to be her date. When she told me the costume plan, I was more than happy to step out of retirement for a night.

The planning was fun, hilarious and exciting. The hard part, though? MAKING the costumes. Three long nights were spent crafting these costumes from scratch. Buying fabric, ribbon, iron on letters, needles, thread, the figuring out how to create a uniform with the fabric, stitching, hot gluing, the whole shebang!

By the night of the party, we were pretty impressed with the outcome and excited to show the rest of the team at the annual Halloween Party. And it was only right that a performance of the cheer, “Brrr, It’s Cold In Here,” was done. The response to the costumes and performances was epic, and the girls walked out of the party with a “Most Original Costume” nod.

Not bad, Halloween 2016. 

“Go Clovers! Go Clovers! Go, go, go Clovers!”

What do you guys think? Did they bring it?

See the photos from the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Halloween party at

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