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Zsa Zsa Slipper
Zsa Zsa Slipper

WICHITA, Kan. — It is highly unlikely that Jeanne Johnson-Bennett is the only consumer who has become frustrated by the lack of diversity in slippers available today. Four years ago Johnson-Bennett became inspired to solve that problem while watching the Ellen Degeneres show. Ellen made a fake platform slipper for Sofia Vergara and said, “someone should make a slipper like that.” At 53 years of age, with no prior experience, Ms. Johnson-Bennett started experimenting with memory foam and old shoes to fashion a slipper of unique design. She placed memory foam in a winding vertical fashion one inch into a wedge sole and added another inch for height in the heel. A twenty year utility patent on the construction design was filed and a qualified manufacturer was found.

The finished product is finally available! A beautiful 2″ wedge slipper that feels more like walking on a mattress.  With each wearing the shoe becomes more comfortable as it molds to the shape of your foot.

The three unique and fashionable designs are named after the people that inspired Ms. Johnson-Bennett. The Degene-Rossi is named after Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi for giving her the idea and for helping her laugh through some tough times. The Win-Steen is named after Oprah and Joel Osteen for motivating her and for giving her faith to take a risk. And finally, the Robin-Dissa is named after Robin Roberts and Mandisa for helping Johnson-Bennett overcome her own health issues.

Additionally, Zsa Zsa Slippers have been found, in reviews from purchasers, to help with various types of foot issues.

For more information about this innovative company, please check out zsazsaslipper.com.

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