Callie’s Corner: Marshals Darling Deputies Prep Class and Audition Countdown

The Dallas Marshals Darling Deputies (MDD), are officially over halfway through their prep classes for the 2017 season auditions. Above is video from last night’s class for your viewing pleasure.

If you want to be a part of this team, which was voted the 2016 Best Dance Team in the CIF, the best way to get exposure and practice is to attend prep classes. GOOD NEWS: You still have time to make it to tonight’s class and next week’s session before their September 17th auditions for the 2017 season! Click here for details on prep classes and auditions.

About MDD Director, Maya Hayes: Maya has a proven track record as a choreographer, director, business owner, and mentor. She owns multiple dance studios across the nation- including Texas and Mississippi- and travels the U.S. as a guest choreographer for dance programs and schools. For the past six years, she has been part of the alumni chapter of the New Orleans Saints Junior Saintsations, where she used to coach.

Maya is a former Dallas Cowboys CheerleaderDallas Mavericks Dancer and Chicago Bulls Luvabull. With her vast experience, Maya has trained young women to become Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, Stars Ice GirlsNew Orleans SaintsationsJacksonville Jaguars ROAR,  and Miami Heat Dancers. To learn more about Maya, click here.

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